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How to donate

Donations can be made to any fund of the Foundation by naming the fund in your check
or by selecting the fund name in our on-line donation link. 

To donate on-line click on this button:  

To mail your donation, send your check to:

San Angelo Area Foundation
221 S. Irving Street
San Angelo, Texas 76903

List the fund name in the memo of your check

You can also make donations of stocks, mutual funds, closely held securities, mineral interests, real estate and other property.

Tax-advantages to consider

Most people know that tax laws provide considerable incentives for individual charitable giving. But the kind of deduction you get depends on 1) the type of organization you contribute to, 2) the type of gift you make, 3) when you make the gift. Public charities, like community foundations, and other 501c3 organizations offer the maximum tax deduction available, including 60% of Adjusted Gross Income for cash contributions, 50% of the fair market value for gifts of securities, and 30% for gifts of real property. 

Gift of securities rather than cash

One way to make charitable giving contributions at the lowest after-tax cost is by donating appreciated securities. You can generally get a deduction on the current market value of the stock and avoid paying taxes on the capital gain you would have realized if you had sold the stock and donated the proceeds.

Gifts of tax-deferred assets

IRA's, annuities or retirement plan accounts can benefit a nonprofit beneficiary while protecting your financial position. Special rules can apply for these types of gifts and usually triggers an income tax liability as if you had made a withdrawal. You get some amount of deduction for you gift, but it will not usually protect the entire amount. However, if you name a nonprofit as a beneficiary of a tax-deferred account upon your death you avoid the potential for "double taxation" (income and estate taxes) on the portion you give.

If you are over 70 1/2 years old, you can also direct your IRA custodian to make a direct charitable distribution to the Foundation, which can count towards your annual Required Minimum Distribution (RMD).

Call the Foundation office if you desire to make a gift of other property at 325-947-7071 to learn more.