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San Angelo Disaster Relief Fund 2021 Winter Storm

February 13-18, 2021 saw record breaking cold weather, combined with record snow and ice. Water distribution systems became compromised with electric outages in many parts of our community. Many experienced no heat for over five days, frozen and busted pipes making the situation worse.

The San Angelo Area Foundation provided emergency grant funding to Galilee CDC and Menard Missions Team to help with emergency repairs for low-income homeowners that needed plumbing and heating repairs, due to the historic winter storm.  Through the work of these organizations, more than 125 low-income homeowners have received assitance and the Foundation continues to work with communities across the Concho Valley to ensure damages caused by the winter weather are safely repaired. 


San Angelo Disaster Relief Fund

The Foundation established the San Angelo Disaster Relief Fund to accept monetary donations, allowing neighbors from across the community to help support the extended recovery efforts needed for low-income residents in need following a disaster. The Foundation works closely with local organizations to provide assistance to those in need.