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Reconstruction of Fort Concho Barracks & Mess Hall

Special Project Fund to support the reconstruction of the Barracks and Mess Hall 3 & 4 on the historic grounds of Fort Concho. The largest project in 35 years for the Fort, this effort will complete the core historic site and fill the Fort's largest gaps.  More critically, these facilities will house a first-class book and research collection, comprising of 15,000 units and growing on frontier, military, and western history.  This project reflects the Fort's mission and goals of recent decades and will offer space for additional public programs and quality displays that will interest citizens.  Additionally, the Fort serves a distant audience, and this facility with its consolidated resources and a professional reading area, will attract a great number of researchers from the state and across the nation. Construction costs have been fully underwritten with donations and the project should be complete by early 2024.