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Luckenbach Family Memorial Menard Tree Fund

Luckenbach Family Memorial Menard Tree Fund

Created by friends and family in honor of Jake Landers for his 90th birthday, grandson of Fritz and Anna Nauwald Luckenbach, who settled in Menard in 1888. Anna ran the City Hotel and Fritz was a blacksmith and said there were so many horses in the county or coming through Menard in those days, he had a difficult time keeping shoes on them. He eventually developed a hardware business where he sold everything from nails to windmills.

This fund will provide grants for maintenance of trees located in public spaces in Menard, Texas. Maintenance includes, pruning, removal of dead or diseased trees, as well as planting of new trees. Public spaces would include park lands in the City of Menard, the County of Menard and the Menard County Underground Water District which includes an irrigation canal known sometimes as “The Ditch”.  

Donations can be mailed to:

San Angelo Area Foundation
Luckenbach Family Memorial Menard Tree Fund
221 S. Irving Street
San Angelo, TX 76903

Or may be made on-line by clicking here