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Joseph Wendel (JW) Lown Memorial Fund

Joseph Wendel Lown (JW Lown) Memorial Fund
Created in memory by friends and family, this fund will carry on Joseph’s vision of providing grants for the betterment of humanity for the citizens of San Angelo, Texas, United States of America, and of the citizens of the Municipio of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. Such grants would be for Civic projects, edifices, exhibitions, publications, presentations, and events which strengthen bonds of humanity and deepen mutual understanding. Grants may be for practical support for individuals seeking solutions to present-day points of conflict through knowledge of the past, by means of scholarship for formal education, or honorariums for speaking presentations, related travel, or independent research, like PEN International, which Joseph supported via the San Miquel Chapter. Specific examples of Civic projects could include, but not be limited to the maintenance, and propagation of water lilies in the International Water Lily Garden in San Angelo, and scholarships for low-income students (especially first-generation students) seeking a college education in San Angelo or San Miguel de Allende areas.

Click here to make a donation to this fund, or mail a check to:

San Angelo Area Foundation
Joseph Wendel Lown Memorial Fund
221 S. Irving St.
San Angelo, TX 7693