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Donor Advised Funds

These are funds in which the donor and/or their named advisors can be involved in the grant-making process. Typically, the donor recommends organizations they wish to see supported. The donor can use the services of the Foundation to perform due diligence and assist the donor with background information on the charities or causes they seek to assist. A donor advised fund works very similar to a private foundation, but it has less expense and provides more assistance, oversight, and investment performance. Click here to compare a donor advised fund to a private foundation. To view a sample donor advised fund gift agreement and the Foundation's policy for donor-advised fund, click the links at the bottom of this page.

Aboussie-Hay Charitable Gift Fund

All-Tex Irrigation Charitable Fund

Christian Asher Memorial Fund

Cope / Bodine Family Fund

Bailey Family Charitable Fund

Bates Family Foundation Fund

Liz and Devin Bates Gifting Fund

Bennie Family Fund

Bozeman Family Charitable Fund

Champions Advocating 4 Children Endowment Fund

Randy and Susan Brooks Charitable Foundation Fund

Lauren Brooks Charitable Fund

Mason Brooks Charitable Fund

Jay and Linda Boyd Family Charitable Fund

Jennifer and Tim Crutchfield Charitable Fund

James and Carmen Dusek Charitable Gift Fund

Steve Eustis Charitable Fund

Martha Pool Elder Charitable Fund

Jason and Suzanne Felger Charitable Fund

"Fore" the Kids Endowment Fund

Foundation For Truth Fund

Flynn Endowment Fund

Friendship Fund

Kenneth S. and Brenda Gunter Donor Advised Fund

Hadlee Holik Memorial Fund

Heartfull Helping Hands Fund

Dr. James Herbert Children's Fund


Heinze Family Fund

Honey Charitable Fund

Huffman Family Charitable Fund

King Family Charitable Fund

Lady in Blue Angel Fund

Bob and Jean Ann LeGrand Charitable Fund

Matt & Charlotte Lewis Charitable Gift Fund

Pat and Suzy Makins Giving Fund

The Mattaw Ministries and Children's Home Donor Advised Fund

Patti May Charitable Fund

Mayer Charitable Fund

Robert Sol Mayer Charitable Fund

Ralph and Bobby Lou Mayer Charitable Fund

McKinney Family Charitable Fund

Amy and John Mark McLaughlin Donor Advised Fund

Lee and Dr. Pat Moore Charitable Fund

New Family Gifting Fund

Norris Family Charitable Fund

Oliver, Rainey and Wojtek Charitable Gift Fund

Mary Pfluger Carnes Endowment Fund

Bill and Karen Pfluger Donor Advised Fund

Bill and Karen Pfluger Endowment Fund

Bill and Karen Pfluger Lutheran Missions Endowment Fund

Point of Light Fund

Price Family Charitable Fund

San Angelo Kiwanis Club Endowment Fund

San Angelo Rotary Charitable Fund

Simons Family Charitable Fund

Pollyanna and Steve Stephens Charitable Gifting Fund

Casey and Joe Thieman Charitable Fund

The Kingdom Fund

Shangri-La Charitable Fund

David Wallace Family Charitable Fund

The Wolslager Foundation Fund

Donor Advised Fund Sample Agreement
Donor Advised Fund Policy
Donor Advised Fund Handbook