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All-Tex Splash Pad Fund

Community splash pads offer families the opportunity to enjoy a respite from the west Texas heat while creating a fun and enjoyable experience for the entire family.  In partnership with All-Tex Irrigation and the City of San Angelo, two parks have been identified for these community splash pads.  With an initial investment of $100,000 from All-Tex toward the project, the All-Tex Splash Pad Fund has been established and funds raised will support the construction of these initial pads. Please see FAQs below for more information! 

Donations can be made online by clicking here 

Checks can be mailed to:
San Angelo Area Foundation
221 S. Irving Street
San Angelo, TX 76903

Note in memo: All-Tex Splash Pad Fund 

 Kirby Community Park

Unidad Community Park

Donations to all Special Project Funds with the Foundation, a 501c3 public charity, will receive acknowledgemnt of your donation, which qualifies for a charitable tax deduction.  (always consult with your tax advisor or accountant regarding ability to deduct a charitable donation)


Q: What made All-Tex Irrigation & Supply want to take on this project?

A:      For the past 35 years, All-Tex has been able to continuously grow thanks to the support of  customers with whom reside in San Angelo. All-Tex wants to give back to the community in a big way and wanted to be able to incorporate something they do day in and day out. That is when it hit - Splash Pads! All-Tex wants to help provide a gift to the community that come with no strings attached: (1) Fulfill a desire from many of San Angelo's residents; (2) Free to the public; (3) Equitable use; (4) Encourages and promotes physical activity; (5) Drive eco-friendly play initiatives; (6) Helps with economic stimulation within our community. . . and so much more!

Q: Will it be wheelchair accessible?

A: Yes! Both splash pads will be ADA-compliant.


Q: How much is this going to cost me? Will my taxes be going up because of this?

A: Both splash pads will be 100% funded by donations from crowdfunding, grants, and corporate donations. To start the project, All-Tex Irrigation has donated the first $100,000 investment in these projects.

No taxes will be raised as a result of these splash pads and no tax payer dollars will be used for the completion of either splash pad. In an agreement to make this happen, the City of San Angelo has agreed to take on the maintenance for both pads once they are fully complete.


Q: Will my taxes be going up because of this?

A: No taxes will be raised due to these splash pads, and no taxpayer dollars will be used to complete either splash pad. The City of San Angelo has agreed to take on both pads’ maintenance once they are complete.


Q: We live in an area that struggles with water levels. Why are we putting in a system that will be wasting water?

A:      Splash pad systems have two options for operation: (1) freshwater systems or (2) recirculating systems. Since we live in an area that is drought-prone, our projects will have a larger upfront cost by installing a recirculating system. This means that there will be a 1500+ gallon that is buried underground and will hold water for the system. Water in the holding tanks is treated through a four-step filtration and UV system. Since the water is being reused, the actual water loss is very minimal, the main culprits being (1) wind (2) sun/heat and (3) high usage. Lastly, each system is activated by an actuator switch; this means that the system will only operate on-demand versus running 24/7.


Q: Why are the parks designed differently?

A: The biggest factor is the design concepts for each park is budget. Because each splash pad is being funded by 100% donations, there are some limitations in the size and products provided. That being said, each pad will offer its own unique experience that children and adults, of all ages, will have a memorable and enjoyable time with each visit!


Q: Why are the parks designed differently?

A: Budget is the biggest factor in the design concepts for each park. Due to budget, there are some limitations in the size and products provided. Each pad will offer its own unique, fun experience, regardless of features!


Q: Where will the splash pads be located?

A:      (1) Unidad Park – College Hills neighborhood
          (2) Kirby Park – Angelo Heights neighborhood