Board Members

Board Members:

Susan Brooks (Chair)
Carmen Symes Dusek (Vice-Chair)
Fred Hernandez (Sec/Treas)
Jeff McCormick, CPA (past chair)
Jon Bailey
Jay Boyd, CPA
Jeff Bozeman, CPA
Jason Cox
James Huffman, CPA
Brady Johnson
Jim Raymond
Jane Richardson
Patrick Shannon
Gayla Thornton
Camille Yale


Past Directors:

J. Michael Anderson (past chair)
James A. Carter (past chair)
Sonny Cleere
Ray Harper
E. James Hindman
David Hirschfield
Katie Mertz Johnson
Robert Junnell
John Mark McLaughlin
Betty Miller
T. Richey Oliver
Bishop Michael Pfeifer
Bob Pfluger
Allen Price (past chair)
Rev. Carl Rohlfs
Frank W. Rose (past chair)
Steve Stephens (past chair)
Doris Rousselot 
Donna Sugg
Anne B. Williams 


Matt Lewis
President & CEO


Additional information about Community Foundations in general can be found at Community, a collaboration of the Council on Foundations and the Community Foundations of America.