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Report to the Community
Jun 13, 2016   10:39 AM
by Administrator

Click to view the most recent Report publications highlighting the Foundations' work and the generosity of donors.  We have been blessed to work with so many who seek to create a permanent and growing source of charitable support for many great causes in our area. 

2017 Annual Report

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2016 Fall Report

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Foundation Grant Awards
Jun 13, 2016   09:00 AM
by Administrator

For a complete listing of previous Foundation grants, please click here.

Fort Concho awarded $2million
Oct 29, 2015   02:11 PM
by Administrator

The San Angelo Area Foundation announced Wednesday, October 28, 2015, it has awarded a $2 million grant to the Fort Concho Foundation to reconstruct missing Barracks and Mess Halls 3 and 4 at the site, which has been missing for more than a century. This is a great day for our community and especially for Fort Concho, thanks to the generosity of a very special anonymous donor working through the San Angelo Area Foundation. The missing barracks and mess halls were originally part of six sets built by the military in the 1870s. The structures will be reconstructed in the most accurate manner, following their period appearance and all state and national preservation and restoration standards that guide the fort in its status as a national historic landmark. The interiors of these structures will be adapted and furnished to house a single location for a large research and special book collection. The collections are now housed in several site buildings. Along with current fort holdings and special collections, the facility would place Fort Concho’s research resources in the top tier for frontier and military history. This wonderful opportunity will move the site’s restoration ahead several giant steps while providing a suitable location for a very special collection that has been entrusted to  Fort Concho. The Fort Concho Foundation Board will bring the grant award before the San Angelo City Council on November 3 for approval to begin the selection process for an architect to create plans, cost estimates and construction documents for action in 2017.