The San Angelo Area Foundation manages scholarship funds from a variety of different donors and organizations. These scholarships are awarded by a variety of selection criteria, unique to each fund. Independent review committees review each application which is then matched to the scholarship criteria selected by the donor or the organization which established the scholarship.

Providing donors and organizations the ability to create scholarship funds for area youth has been a Foundation priority from the beginning. Scholarships at the Foundation can be as broad or as specific as a donor wishes. The Foundation works closely with each donor to fulfill the donor's philanthropic desires. To learn more about establishing a scholarship fund, click here.

Most scholarships are limited to students from the San Angelo Area.

One scholarship application can be completed by a student who desires to be considered for one or any of the scholarships of the San Angelo Area Foundation. Applicants will be considered for all scholarships in which they qualify.  Amounts and number of scholarship awards vary and depend upon the value and performance of each fund, number of recipients selected and an amount available for distribution from the fund. Some scholarships are available to graduating high school seniors while others are limited to current college students. Applications are accepted annually from January 1st until March 1st, online. Notifications of awards are made by May 15th of each year, with payment of awards occurring two weeks prior to the start of the fall semester.

Scholarship applications will be available for students attending college in the fall of 2014
beginning January 1, 2014 and must be submitted complete by March 1st.

For more information about scholarships call 325-947-7071 or email

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