Grants for Teachers 

The Grants for Teachers Fund was established by the San Angelo Schools Foundation and will annually award grants in the fall to San Angelo Independent School District Teachers up to $500 annually to recipient(s) chosen by the procedures set out herein.

To be eligible for a grant, a teacher must be a current full time teacher of any school of the San Angelo Independent School District.

To be considered for a grant, the teacher must complete a Grants for Teachers application online and submit said application to the San Angelo Area Foundation no later than October 1st of each year. Only one grant per year will be accepted per teacher.  The focus of the application should be to provide seed money for creative and innovative uses which can be duplicated and have the potential to expand through public funding from the school district.  School site grants are accepted and should make it possible for a campus to present a project idea for enrichment that will impact the entire campus.  Although consideration will be given to every request, due to limited funds, grants inside of the classroom will rank higher than outdoor projects (i.e., garden projects). 

Should you be awarded a grant, the project created by the grant is intended to remain with the classroom and school to which it was awarded. Any requests to move the project to a different location, whether it be classroom or campus, must receive prior approval through the San Angelo Schools Foundation.

Selection process:

  • Applications for grants will be reviewed by a committee chosen by the San Angelo Area Foundation, which is known as the SAAF Scholarship Advisory Committee.

  • This committee will advise the board of directors of the San Angelo Area Foundation of their recommendation of award recipient(s) and the board of directors will vote on the recipient(s) at its November board meeting.

    Notification of grants awarded will be made by November 15th, with grant checks and instructions hand delivered to grant recipients at their school.  Checks will be made payable to the recipient's school for the benefit of the teacher's grant request.

  • The local school activity fund will be able to deposit the grant check and: 

    • Reimburse the teacher for expenses incurred related to the grant, or
    • Pay directly for the expenses incurred related to the grant

In either case, copies of receipts must be retained and returned with the evaluation form (purchase orders and packing slips will NOT be accepted as receipts). 

Award recipients MUST complete an evaluation form and submit supporting documentation (receipts, etc. - purchase orders and packing slips will NOT be accepted as receipts) back to the San Angelo Area Foundation no later than April 1st.

By accepting a grant, you may be called upon to create a visual presentation board of your grant project to be displayed at the San Angelo Schools Foundation's annual fundraiser.

To appy for a grants for teachers grant, click here.

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